About us


Aplus Furniture Co., Ltd. operates a manufacturing business. and distribute furniture wood substitute Melamine-Coated Wood, MDF Board, Moisture-Proof Wood and Particle Board with a full range of efficient production, management and distribution. Meet the standards to meet all needs and is accepted by consumers We create furniture that maintains its functionality and beauty perfectly, whether it is a house, condominium, office building or even any special place. We combine creativity with technology. But do not forget to be meticulous in the selection of good quality materials. So that our customers of Aplus Furniture can feel our intention.

"Anyway, we hope you enjoy this one."

Technology and factory

  Within the standard factory aplus furniture are all packed with quality and technology. Aplus Furniture pays attention to every element of the furniture. By controlling and ordering production using modern machines operated through a command system. Both in cutting, edge patching and punching, which can produce furniture parts with precision. until it comes to quality furniture that meets international standards.

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